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September 9, 2014
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A Trusted Beauty Institute

UCS is a Trusted Beauty Institutes In South Florida

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The beauty industry is a steadily growing multi-million dollar one that is flourishing at a fast rate all over the world. No matter where or in what conditions the woman is from, most of them are conscious about their looks and will make sure that they are looking presentable in even the most poverty ridden circumstances. It is not only the women’s age old obsession with looking beautiful that has sky rocketed this industry to dizzying height of prosperity but also the growing trend of metrosexual men who like to keep themselves groomed and well maintained at all times. The various facets that make up the ultra-rich beauty industry offer people an easy way to earn money by simply using their God gifted skills. There are a number of beauty academies and institutes which train those interested in acquiring and honing their beauty services providing skills all over the world and their numbers are steadily growing by the day. Counted among the most trusted and leading beauty institutes in the South Florida is Universal Career School (UCS), a premium beauty academy that has been offering Post-Secondary Vocational Education since 14 years. Based in Miami Florida, this beauty school was established with the advent of the new millennium, in January 2000.

Offers A Number Of Professional Beauty Courses

Universal Career School was founded with the main goal of offering quality education with a well-planned curriculum and host of experienced instructors. The institution’s primary mission is to provide career oriented people the skills they need to get successfully employed in the beauty and nursing industries. While Universal Career School started off as a beauty institute only providing courses in the fields of Cosmetology, Barber, Full Specialist, Skin Care, and Nail Technology, it has widened its scope to include a Nursing school, over the years. The Nursing school offers programs in Registered Nurse, , Patient Care Technician and . In its 14 years of existence, Universal Career School has been resented with a number of laurels and prestigious titles, the latest one being the ‘Best of Business Miami Adult Education Schools in 2013 by Small Business Community Association’. It was also awarded and ‘SCHOOL OF THE YEAR (2011-2012) by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC).

Make A Steady Career In The Beauty Industry

beauty school programsStudents who enroll in Universal Career School are given hands on experience, professional training and learn daily from the highly experienced and educated faculty that teaches them the tricks of the trade. The institute encourages people who are in two minds about joining the beauty industry to come and visit their facilities at any time to get acquainted with the beauty school staff and learn a little about each of their beauty school programs. The school is spread out over 10,000 feet of training area that includes all modern, state of the art amenities required to learn everything related to the occupation chose by the student.

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