Surviving the first year in nursing school

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Surviving the first year in nursing school

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Tips that will help you!

Most nursing students and grads can relate to the feeling they had the first day they received their letter of acceptance into the nursing school. Acceptance into the nursing school for most usually comes with excitement and at the same time, it could be terrifying. Usually, it is because of the fear of unexpected and how tough it is to obtain a nursing certificate.

One other challenge you may face in nursing school Miami is how to balance your study and your social life. Every first time of doing something always comes with stress. It is important to prepare ahead to handle such pressure and excel in your set goal.

The following tips will help you to survive in your first year in nursing school:

  1. Get a mentor:

    You are now in your first year in nursing school with the dream to join the allied health field. Guess what, most of your other classmates are just as nervous as you are. The best thing to do is to learn from your senior or find a new grad nurse as a mentor. They have more experience than you and they will be willing to share some of it with you. Ask as many questions as possible and treasure every useful advice given you.

  2. Make a connection with your peers:

    While it is advisable to have a senior mentor, don’t forget to mix with your classmate as well. They will be like your family for the next two year. Therefore, it is important to get along with them, trust me when is say you don’t want to be a loner in this journey. You will need to learn from each other and share information to survive together.

  3. Form a study:

    Oh yes! You need to create a study group. The best way to stay focus and inspired is to study in a group. Find the set of people that are smarter than you and form a study group with them. Make sure you all have a common goal and the type that stay focus. You don’t want to mix with a group of party freaks.

  4. Learn time management:

    You may have been hearing of time management here and there. Well, it is time you get a better understanding of time management. Trust me; it will do you a lot of good here. To manage your time effectively; try not to procrastinate, put everything you plan to do in writing (including your assignment, test and exam date) and follow them thoroughly. Make enough time plans for studying and avoid rush hour reading; it doesn’t work in a nursing program. Studying ahead of class and ahead of an exam will help you a lot.

  5. Make use of resources:

    Make use of all studying resources available to you (library, CDs, website or blog, etc.). You can ask your mentor on which of the resources will best help you to study or you can figure out the best that works for you.

  6. Find a relaxation hour:

    Remember, allied health school is not only about book, book and more books. It is also important to relax and cool down that brain of yours. You can take part in the school social activities or find other means of relaxation that works for you. Studying without rest can come with a price, you can break down before your exam, and you don’t want that to happen.

Lastly, as you start your first year in nursing career Miami never forget why you enroll to be a nurse in the first place. Be prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice needed to get the nursing certificate of your dream. Fun is going nowhere; you can always have all the fun you wanted after nursing school. Never give up! Follow these tips on your journey to become one of the professional in an allied health field.

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