Academic and Personal Advisement

Individual and group advising is provided throughout a student’s tenure at the school. Students are encouraged to seek advising with their instructor’s or with the school’s administration regarding academic concerns or personal concern or issues that may interfere with their training.

Housing Services

The school does not provide housing services.

Resource Center

The Resource Center is available to all students of Universal Career School Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. There are four computers with internet capabilities, a TV set and VCR are available to students to view video tapes related to their program of study, as well as magazines and books pertaining to the industry.

Placement Services

The school makes every effort to assist its graduates in obtaining employment, however, the school does not guarantee employment to any student/graduate implied or indirectly implied. Job placement is a joint effort between the school and students. The students are expected to follow certain guidelines regarding interview appointments, suitable dress, and behavior for positive results to occur. School placement assistance and job information is available without charge. The school maintains a placement file listing current job openings available in the area. If 16 years of age, no guarantee is made for employment upon graduation.


Public transportation is available at a cost of $3.50 approximately per day (round trip). Information is given to students regarding bus routes.

Student Records

The school will maintain permanent student records and will guarantee the right of the student to gain access to their files. A written request will be required, or an appointment should be scheduled with the Registrar to review the records with the students. All grades, services, and hours are recorded and kept on file. The school recognizes the right to privacy; therefore, no information on any student will be released without the written permission of the students. For any student denied entry or suspended from the school, his/hers records will remain on file for at least one year.