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Cosmetology like any other field has had its share of pioneers who have paved the way for many others to follow in future. A booming career in the beauty industry was never considered a likely option before the 19th century. However, as time passed, scenarios changed and women were genuinely interested in the field of cosmetology and invented innovative styles and products.

Renowned Cosmetologists

Bobbi Brown

One of the most renowned beauty expert and make-up artists of the world, Bobbi Brown, was born in Illinois. With a degree in theatrical make-up from Emerson College, Boston, she began to work as a professional makeup artist in New York. Brown had early memories of her mother beautifying her face with fascinating shades. In the year 1991, she teamed up with a chemist and launched a line of new lipsticks in beige pigment. These natural looking lipsticks were simple and contrary to the bright luscious colors used at that time. She launched the brand Bobbi Brown Essentials in New York City. Bobbi Brown has succeeded in garnering the attention of millions all around the world with her international range of cosmetics, fragrances and skin care products.

Madam C.J. Walker

Sarah Breedlove or Madam C.J.Walker, the first Afro-American lady millionaire, was born into poverty. She was also orphaned at a very young age. It was a painful scalp infection that led her to the world of cosmetology. Having lost all her hair, she began to experiment with various hair care products and remedies. She then dreamt of a unique formula that would cure her of the ailment. Her success story began with her unique hair care formula which she began to sell. She began her career in the beauty industry and encouraged Afro-American women to take up careers in cosmetology.

Laura Mercier, Jane Iredale and Marjorie Joyner are some of the other renowned cosmetologists who have succeeded in the beauty industry.

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