Pursuing a Career as a Home Health Aide

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Pursuing a Career as a Home Health Aide

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A home health aide is a trained professional that help individuals who are chronically ill, cognitively impaired or disabled. They may also assist older adults or senior citizens who require assistance in their homes. The main duties of a home health aide are to help their clients with their daily tasks, such as bathing, feeding, dressing and so on. Also, they provide some level of medical field related services on a doctor’s orders. Some of such health services include administering medication, performing physical therapy exercises, as well as keeping track of the patient’s physical and mental condition.

In addition to all of the above, a home health aide may also offer companionship, housekeeping and grocery shopping, and appointment planning and organization. However, because their primary duties involve care and personal assistance, the profession requires at least a high school diploma, as well as other training and certification programs like a Diploma in Home Health Aide. Also, to pursue a career in home health aide, an individual must obtain a state license from regulating authorities.

Opportunities in the Home Health Aide Field

With the right certifications and training, there are numerous opportunities for employment within the home care and health industry. Some of such employment opportunities for this career especially in Florida include caring for the aged or disabled privately or in a home care facility, providing support services in the medical field, and teaching families how to care for the sick or aged. Other opportunities may present themselves in the form of patient tutoring with the aid of specialized equipment and techniques, as well as being a consultant on feeding, housekeeping, and personal hygiene.

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