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Perks of Being a Makeup Artist

makeup artist

Today, a makeup artist is seen everywhere. You will see them near modeling ramps, for movies (to apply prosthetic and all that or for general makeup) and also in barbershops. It must be because it is a rising profession and if you are reading this then you are probably wondering if it is one of those stable beauty career choices as it is your passion too. We can tell you with a strong conviction, it is not only a rewarding career but also one, which has certain perks exclusive to it. Just have a look at Lisa Eldridge and Huda Kattan. These two makeup personalities are indeed an inspiration. Down below are some of the perks relating to this career choice. 

Makeup stores will give you discounts:

Are you fond of Maybelline or Kyle XY? Do you love some makeup yourself? Of course, you do, as you did practice it on yourself. Well, prepared to be offered free makeup from popular companies once you make it as a successful make up artist. You will not have to go to them but rather they will come to you. You will be swamped with hundreds of makeup sets in your home when you reach a certain level of popularity. Their brands might even want to sponsor you. This is especially true when you become a social media-based makeup artist.

Freelance opportunities:

You do not need experience in an organization to make it in this field. All of you have to do is that you have to stack up against your makeup supplies and just start networking. If your work is good, it will gain exposure. For example, sometime later a cosmetology department of a production house might make a call to you for some freelance work.  Further opportunities will follow.

Financial Freedom:

In the beauty career business, you are the boss of yourself. You decide your prices and you do not subordinate for anyone. The share of profit is for you and just you. Once a little bit fame is gained, your prices can get higher and regardless of these prices, people will still come in droves.

You get to meet stars and popular people:

Men and women from the showbiz world will always need makeup. Even if you make it a little bit in your career, you are bound to shake hands with some of the celebrities of your town and apply makeup on them. This is true for freelancing makeup artists too.

How can Universal Career College can help me become a make up artist?

Perhaps, you may not need a cosmetology diploma (which actually can be helpful in landing jobs and for boasting about skills). But you will need an outlet that will provide a way to either learn or brush-up your makeup skills. This is where Universal Career School comes in. 

The cosmetology program of study is around 1200 hours in the time period and is highly affordable. The spoken language is bilingual (English and Spanish). Courses from Universal Career College can fast track the career progression of the barber, cosmetology, skincare and a nail specialist.

makeup artist

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