The Options of Different Cosmetology courses

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October 26, 2014
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January 30, 2015
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The Options of Different Cosmetology courses

What is cosmetology?

cosmetology_cousesA career in cosmetology could lead one in many different paths. Cosmetology is mainly the practice of creating beauty. Those who work in the field of cosmetology are referred to as cosmeticians. This field involves working with skin, hair, nails, etc., that help heighten natural beauty a few notches higher.

Taking up cosmetology courses gives you the opportunity to work with all three mediums; however, it is recommended that you specialize in one field at a time. Irrespective of what aspect of cosmetology you belong to, holding a certification as well as a cosmetology license will provide you the true potential of landing yourself a job easily in the beauty industry.

Skin specialists can consider the options below:

Makeup Artist: The most sought-after career in this specialization has to be taking up the job profile of a makeup artist. You have the wide ranged opportunity to work in salons, spas, departmental stores, etc. Opt to take up a cosmetology course to help you strike the right note when beginning your career as a makeup artist.

Esthetician: An esthetician is often known as a non-medical skin care specialist. The job role involves working with the skin and everything related to it. Some of the job profiles include laser hair removal, electrolysis, facials, massage, etc.

Hair specialists can consider the options below:

Hair stylist: A hair stylists job includes knowing how to shampoo, cut hair, create hair styles, etc. They need to have an expertise in curling, straightening, coloring, cutting, shaping, cleaning, repairing and last but not the least, styling. Beautician training courses will help give your career an extra edge above the rest, if pursued from a good institute.

Barbering: This is a course that exclusively focuses on men. An individual who is taking up the art of barbering should know everything from how to cut a man’s hair to trimming, shaping facial hair, as well as skin care for men’s skin.

Nail specialists can consider the options below:

Manicurist: Working with nails could be fun, if you have mastered the art of handling them. You have to be well-acquainted with the cleaning, shaping, as well as painting nails efficiently to work well in this unconventional yet demand oriented job.

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