What You Learn in Cosmetology School

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May 1, 2014
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July 29, 2014
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What You Learn in Cosmetology School

Cosmetology School: Diverse Curriculum

You have been thinking about joining a respectable cosmetology school and have spent months looking at different beauty schools. I hope your online research has led you to narrow it down to a few schools near your area. However, even if the school’s website looks very appealing you need to be more concerned with what is being taught at the institution.

Since your interest is in a cosmetology school, ask other students what is being taught in their cosmetology courses. The answer you’ll hear the most is probably “about styling hair.” And even though hair styling is an important aspect of a cosmetology program’s curriculum, there are many other skills, which are taught in a cosmetology school and will prove very useful.

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Less Than a Year to Finish Cosmetology School

In fact, when I myself decided to go to Cosmetology School, I had no idea that it was anything beyond just learning how to do hair. Cosmetology schools are very different in how they teach the required material since each teacher has a different teaching method. However, the material that needs to be covered should be the same regardless of where you decide to attend cosmetology school. At UCS we require 1200 hours to graduate from our program. So our program in Miami, FL can take up to a year depending if you decide to attend Full Time or Part-Time.

This is an adequate length of time to learn to style, color, cut, re-texture, and reshape hair. During this time you will also learn to apply exciting, Special FX, and trendy makeup. As well as, to remove, shape, and groom facial hair. In the course of that time you will become an expert on how to file, shape, polish and care for natural and artificial nails. Part of the cosmetology curriculum will also teach you how to massage, diagnose, and treat the scalp and skin.

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Contact A Cosmetology School Today

These is just an overview of the different things you learn at Cosmetology school and most of what I’ve mentioned does not cover the preparation required for the State of Florida Cosmetology Board Test. Passing the State exam will be the final hurdle to starting your career in the Beauty Industry. But don’t panic, during the cosmetology program you at UCs you are also prepared for the Florida State Board Exam.

To wrap things up, there are lots to learn from a cosmetology course. If you have been postponing taking that step and visit different cosmetology schools around your area, take a risk and make an appointment to visit or just drop by. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you and so would we.

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