Job Opportunities in the Allied Health Field

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May 2, 2019
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Job Opportunities in the Allied Health Field

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The tremendous increase in the demand for healthcare professionals has made the allied health field one of the fastest growing in the U.S. healthcare sector. This is because allied health care professionals make up 60% of healthcare positions, so there are numerous incredible job opportunities available.

Allied health professionals are health care professionals that apply scientific knowledge and technical skills to prevent disease, rehabilitate patients, and maintain good health. However, they usually require lower educational prerequisite than other position in the healthcare field like medicine and pharmacy. Some of the top paid and fast-growing allied health careers include.

Nursing AS

Opportunities to work in the allied health field as a nurse is available if you have a nursing associate of science degree. The degree, which takes two years to complete, covers all aspects of nursing and prepares you to provide patient care as a nurse in nursing care facilities, general medical and surgical hospitals, physicians’ offices, home health care nursing, and community care facilities. With the nursing associate of science degree, your job roles will include observing patients and reporting on their health status, keeping records of patients’ medical histories, administering treatment and medicine, providing emotional support and more.

Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technicians are advanced cross-trained nursing assistants, who assist nurses in caring for patients. They perform roles such as monitoring patients and recording vital signs, assisting patients to the restroom, obtaining specimens for tests, and more.  Job opportunities are available for patient care technician in hospitals, care facilities, and nursing homes. All you need to apply to for a patient care technician diploma is your high school diploma or GED result, and it takes about a year to complete.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides are allied health professionals, who provide health care services for physically, emotionally, or mentally ill patients who are receiving care in their own home. They provide basic health care, such as administering medication and checking vital signs, changing wound dressings, and more, under the supervision of medical staff. They also handle other tasks like reporting and documenting patients’ health status, and assisting patients in their daily routines such as moving around, bathing, and dressing. Getting certified as a home health aide takes about four weeks, and numerous job opportunities are available to care for seniors and children with disabilities.

If you would like to get a diploma or certification in any of the careers in the allied health field outlined above, contact us at Universal Career School to get started.

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