SOC CODE:25-1194 CIP CODE: 12.0413

600 Clock Hours

Program Description

The Instructor Training program of study is related to the teaching of all the subjects contained in all of our beauty school educational programs. The participant will learn basic teaching methodology, and how to perform all the activities normally accomplished by a school Instructor in the different departments of a post-secondary school dedicated to teaching Cosmetology. A license is not required to take this course and this course is not a requirement for teaching our educational programs. This course can enhance the abilities of a professional who wishes to teach any subject in the Cosmetology industry, effectively.


Proof of high school Diploma or a GED is required.

Must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Full Specialist, or Barber and have 2 years experience within the industry.


To prepare beauty industry Professionals to teach courses in the Cosmetology, Full Specialist, or Barber in an effective manner. The curriculum is based on as many hours of theory and practical instruction as each subject requires in order for the student to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills. It also includes the designated hours for clinical experience necessary to acquire the skills and the experience to perform effective teaching and lesson planning.

Instructor Training Classes offered are bilingual (English/Spanish)

Gainful Employment


INS-00-01Orientation and Florida Cosmetology Laws13
INS-00-02Fundamental Principles of Teaching25
INS-00-03Teacher Maturity10
INS-00-04Teaching Principles10
INS-00-05Personality and Professional Conduct10
INS-00-06How to Develop a Cosm/FS/Barber Program105
INS-00-07Student Learning Principles10
INS-00-08Lesson Planning1025
INS-00-09Steps in Teaching How to Plan10
INS-00-11Teaching Aids10
INS-00-13Classroom Management and Classroom Problems3010
INS-00-14How to Teach Adults15
INS-00-15Teacher Evaluation125
INS-00-16Performance of Both Lectures & Demonstrations5555
INS-00-17Clinic-Supervised Practice Teaching300350
INS-00-18Observation of Lecture-Teacher Assistance5050
Total Hours600525

Instructor Training Program Course Descriptions

The course numbering system reflects the program and level of courses. Acronyms are used to iden­tify the program while the numbering system reflects the level of program. For Example, INS-00-01 is Instructor Training (INS) 00-01 level of course.

INS-00-01 Orientation and Florida Cosmetology Laws

Define and interpret Florida State Laws and Regulations for Cosmetology.

INS-00-02 Fundamental Principles of Teaching

Students are taught how to deliver whole class lectures, instructing small groups, helping individual students, leading class discussions, observing progress and evaluating, communicating expectations to students, assigning class work and homework, helping absentees catch up, changing teaching plans as needed in class.

INS-00-03 Teacher Maturity

Honesty and sincerity towards students, maintaining a good teaching morale, tactfulness, demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm and leadership, avoiding over familiarity, professional image.

INS-00-04 Teaching Principles

The instructor will learn the fundamental role of an educator and guidelines to follow for performing instructional tasks.

INS-00-05 Personality and Professional Conduct

The student will learn how to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner and how to deal with various personalities.

INS-00-06 How to Develop a Cosmetology Program

The student will learn the steps necessary to implement a Cosmetology program, and how to write complete syllabi.

INS-00-07 Student Learning Principles

The student will be taught how to project the importance of good learning and study habits, behaviors, as well as  methods of teaching.

INS-00-08 Lesson Planning

The student will learn how to prepare lesson plans and to utilize them effectively.

INS-00-09 Steps in Teaching How to Plan

The student will learn to prepare steps in teaching and coordinate time and teaching resources.

INS-00-11 Teaching Aids

Student will learn who to use the various teaching aids needed to instruct a cosmetology class.

INS-00-12 Testing

Students will learn how to develop quizzes, tests and exams, the difference between them, as well as making their own quizzes, tests and exams, and how to administer them.

INS-00-13 Classroom Management and Classroom Problems

Student will learn how to control the classroom environment and student problem solving skills. 

INS-00-14 How to Teach Adults

Student will learn the necessary skills to instruct adults.

INS-00-15 Teacher Evaluation

Student will learn how to perform and document student evaluations.

INS-00-16 Performance of Both Lectures and Demonstrations

Students will learn how to perform lectures and skill demonstrations.

INS-00-17 Clinic-Supervised Practice Teaching

Student will learn how to supervise students on a clinic floor and dealing with patrons.

INS-00-18 Observation of Lecture-Teacher Assistance

The student will be observed as to the techniques used to lecture and demonstrate the proper skills to students.

Program Information

Tuition and FeesInstructor Training ProgramTimeframe
Tuition$7,500.00600 Clock Hours
Registration Fee$100.00 (non-refundable)24 Weeks/6 months Full Time
Books$400.00 (non-refundable)30 weeks/7 months Part Time
Total Tuition$8,000.00

A Clock hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of supervised instruction and a ten minutes break.

Method of Payment

Students with a Payment Plan established by the Financial Aid Department are encouraged to make at least a minimum payment of $100.00 monthly. Total Payment Plan must be paid in full before the student begins their final course (example: Nursing NCLEX Review course). Review Award letter for details about your payment plan. I understand that I am personally responsible for all tuition, fees and other charges arising from and during my enrollment at Universal Career School.

Financial Aid available to those who qualify.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of 600 hours and services as indicated in the course description.
  2. Passing a written examination with 75% (C) or higher.
  3. Meeting all financial obligations to the School or sign a Financial Agreement with the School, which both the School and the student deem fair and reasonable.


Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of all requirements for graduation.