How To Earn Your Nails Tech License

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How To Earn Your Nails Tech License

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What is your favorite part of doing your nails? Do you like how soft your skin feels after prepping it for a manicure or pedicure, or are you more interested in how far you can take your nail art designs? Do you prefer to keep your nails short and natural or take your style to the next level with artificial nails? No matter what you love about nail technology, you can use your passion to start an exciting new career

In Florida, nail salons are everywhere, giving tourists and residents everything they need for beautiful, healthy nails.

Once you graduate, you can apply for your nail tech license in Florida by registering for your licensing exams. The Florida Board of Cosmetology charges $97 in application and testing fees at this stage.

Training is a huge part of succeeding in this field. At an approved Florida school, you may qualify for the licensing process by completing at least 240 hours of training on the topics below.

Required Courses at Florida Nails Schools

  • Florida laws and rules
  • Polishing and nail art
  • Removal of artificial nails
  • Nail fill-ins and repairs
  • Nail wraps
  • Sculpting
  • Tips with overlay
  • Pedicuring techniques
  • Manicuring techniques
  • Nail theory and practice
  • Ethics Sanitation


Florida requires manicurists (or nail technicians) to earn at least 240-hours of practical training at a cosmetology school, and earn their nail specialist registration with the state. You will also have to complete an HIV/AIDS course as part of your initial license requirements. The renewal process takes place every two years, which includes a fee of $45. The deadline to submit your application and renewal fee is October 31st. When you speak with cosmetology schools in your area, be sure to ask if this is the best direction to take, or if a complete cosmetology program would be more beneficial.

What is it like to work as a nail technician in Florida? In the state’s major cities and tourist areas, you may help tourists get the full vacation experience with a glamorous manicure or pedicure. In a rural or suburban area, you may focus on building your client base and reaching out to local residents. Florida has plenty of unique beauty career options for dedicated professionals. At the Disney salon, little girls and their moms get the full princess treatment, including themed nail art! This i


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