How Much a Registered Nurse Makes in Florida

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How Much a Registered Nurse Makes in Florida

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In Florida, the average salary of a registered nurse can range between $60,000 per year to $65,000 depending on the years of experience. According to PayScale, an entry-level certified nursing assistant (CAN) with less than five years experience earns an average of $60,000, while an experienced CNA with ten years experience earns an average of $65,000 and one with over 20 years earn an average of $65,000, including bonus, tips, and overtime.

With the shortage in nurses and the increase in patients with chronic conditions, there’s a high demand for certified nurses in the medical field; so much that it is estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics United States that by 2026 there will be up to 15% growth in job opportunities for nursing assistant. With this tremendous growth potential, the salary for nursing assistants is likely to increase as well.

What are the essential job duties of a registered nurse?

Registered nurses job includes monitoring, recording and reporting symptoms or changes in patient’s conditions. … A registered nurse also, perform diagnostic tests, supervise less skilled licensed or certified nurses, prepare patients for examination and treatment.

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