2017-2018 Graduation and Placement Rates and Percentages

The following is Universal Career School’s 2017-2018 overall Annual Graduation, Placement and Licensure percentages for all our programs in the beauty field:

  • Percentage of students who completed their program: 98%
  • Percentage of students who were placed in jobs through our Job Placement Program: 93%
  • Percentage of students who passed their licensure examination: 98%

Gainful Employment Information

The October 29, 2010, regulations that went into effect on July 1st, 2011, include a provision, at 34 CFR 668.6(b), that requires institutions to disclose, for each or their GE programs, certain information about the programs to prospective students such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code of the occupations that the programs prepares students to enter, on-time graduation rates, tuition and fees per program, job placement rate per program and the median loan debt incurred by students who completed the program. The SOC codes are included adjacent to each program name, as well as new tuition and fees charged by our institution are disclosed per each program; effective June 1, 2011.

Gainful Employment Disclousure links:

Barber Gainful Employment Disclousure

Cosmetology Gainful Employment Disclousure

 Full Specialist Gainful Employment Disclousure

Instructor Training Gainful Employment Disclousure

Nursing Gainful Employment Disclosure

Patient Care Technician Gainful Employment Disclosure

Graduation and placement rate as well tuition charged and median debt loan for the year 2017-2018 per each educational program are as follows:

On-time Graduation Rate (Retention rate), Placement and Credentialing Rates for 2017-2018

Program NameDiploma/DegreeCIP CodeSOC CodeTitle IV fundedRetention Rate
On-time Graduation
Placement RatesCredential Rates
Nail TechnicianDiploma12.041039-5092N100%80%100%
Full SpecialistDiploma12.049939-5012Y79%85%100%
Skin CareDiploma12.040939-5094N100%**
Nursing *Diploma51.380129-1141Y93%73%34%
Patient CareDiploma51.390231-1014N80%100%100%
Instructor TrainingDiploma12.041325-1194Y100%*N/A

BE: Beginning Enrollment    NE: New Enrollment

CE:  Continuing Enrollment  SE:  Still Enrolled

GC: Graduate Completers  |  Completion Percentage Rate: 100%

GE: Graduate Employed  |  Placement Percentage Rate: 91.5%

STG on-time: Students to graduate on-time

*Program does not have any graduates for academic year 2017-2018

Placement Rate

ProgramGCGE% Placement
Full Specialist393692%
Nail Technician2020100%
Skin Care11100%

Tuition and Fees

ProgramCIP CodeSOC CodeTitlenIVnFundedTuitionReg. FeeBooks & EquipmentTotal Tuition
Instructor Training12.041325.1194Y$7,500.00$100.00$400.00$8,000.00
Full Specialist12.049939.5012Y$9,900.00$100.00$1,000.00$11,000.00
Skin Care12.040939.5094N$3,250.00$100.00$650.00$4,000.00
Nail Technician12.041039.5092N$1,200.00$100.00$400.00$1,700.00
Home Health Aide51.260231.1011N$4550.00$100.00$150.00$800.00
ProgramCIP CodeSOC CodeTitlenIVnFundedTuitionReg. FeeUniforms & Lab FeesTotal Tuition
Patient Care Technician51.390231.1014Y$7,300.00$100.00$600.00$8,000.00
Nursing (AS)51.389929.1141Y$30,900.00$100.00$1,500.00$32,500.00

Median Loan Debt for students who completed a Title IV funded program

ProgramDiploma/DegreeCIP CodeSOC CodeTitle IV FundedTotal TuitionMedian Loan Debt
Full SpeciailistDiploma12.040939-5012Y$11,000.00$5,300.00
Instructor TrainingDiploma12.041325-1194Y$8,000.00$4,240.00
Patient Care TechnicianDiploma51.390239-9021Y$8,000.00$4,180.00

*Program does not have any graduates for academic year 2017-2018

For a more detailed information on the programs offered, such as salary ranges, and jobs descriptions as well as different job tasks that might be done, access the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET),