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July 29, 2014
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Education and Cost of Beauty School

It doesn’t matter whether the economy is in the rise or fall , there is one industry that will continually stay afloat, and that is the area of cosmetology and beauty products. If there is a flare for esthetics and cosmetology products in your mind, then you may have considered attending beauty school at some point. Beauty school costs can sometimes be intimidating at first, so it’s important to know what you’d be paying for.

The Cost of a Beauty School Education

beauty school costs

This is generally one of the very first questions that arise when someone considers attending beauty school. As with every other type of school, beauty school tuition costs will depend on location, popularity, and accreditation. The price can be just as intimidating as a 4-year-university, but when one considers the field and the fact that a beauty school education is a focused one, which will catapult you right into a constantly growing industry, it makes it worthwhile to consider.

For all-inclusive programs, beauty school costs on average of $10,000 to $20,000 in the bigger city areas. In more rural areas, beauty school costs as low as $6500 a year. If you choose a more focused program within beauty school, like nail technology or esthetics, then it will be even cheaper.

Other Costs

Generally speaking, beauty schools will provide the supplies you need to practice and train. This is a hands-on program, so there’ll be products like wigs and test subjects that you would be working with. There is a possibility, however, that students will need to get some of the supplies themselves. This has the potential to raise the beauty school costs closer to the $20,000 per year range for the full program.

Financial Aid

This is another question that is asked frequently. One of the main concerns that holds someone back from starting the program is the cost; however, most accredited beauty schools will offer financial aid and scholarships to those who qualify. The people who run the schools have likely been through a similar program, so they understand that beauty school costs can be dismaying, which is why many also offer payment plans and grants.

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