Each year there will be several thousand students who decide that they want to do something profound with their lives. They want to be a person that can help transform someone from head to toe, and give them the confidence that they need to feel beautiful. In other words, they want to start a career at a cosmetology school. As one of the premier cosmetology schools in Florida, Universal Career School, is a versatile and affordable solution for students who want to work in this field. Let us take a brief look at the different ways that a person can benefit from our program.

cosmetology school

Hair Styling

One of the most popular reasons people decide to enter the field of cosmetology is that they want to help people realize the possibilities of their hairstyle. They want to provide cuts from the eccentric to the most standard, and everything in between. The cosmetology school at UCS is the premier place to go and learn all the basics and complex maneuvers that you will need to be the best possible stylist. It should be noted that our cosmetology school holds itself to extremely high standards when it comes to students who graduate from our cosmetology school. This means that every student who signs up needs to be able to provide their very best work in order to succeed at this level.


Another wonderful aspect of the UCS Cosmetology School is that we offer a second to none skin care curriculum. You will learn about the different disorders that can be suffered by the skin and how they can be corrected with and without the use of medical care. This is a very important part about being a cosmetologist; helping people realize the complete potential and beauty of their skin.

Learning For The Real World

Perhaps the most important part about any cosmetology school is how well they prepare their students for the real world. For example, UCS has a variety of classes that are developed with the future employment of their students in mind. The reason that we do this is that we are absolutely convinced that our students are the very best that can be offered into the business. What good is a cosmetology school degree if the students can not find a job. Our high standards and exceptional instructors will prepare every potential cosmetologist to enter the workforce and even manage a salon of their own in time. Contact our office and ask when our cosmetology school classes start. You will not regret it. 305.485.7700