How Cosmetologists Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

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April 29, 2016
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How Cosmetologists Can Use Social Media to Grow Their Business

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In the age of Youtube and Instagram, cosmetologists are like celebrities. Successful cosmetologists know how to use social media to establish their personal brand and grow their client base. Here are five ways to use social media to thrive as a cosmetologist.

#1. Show off your best work

Cosmetologists, particularly make-up artists and hair stylists, use tools like Instagram and Facebook to share their best work. Using these platforms can help them reach fans and potential clients alike by the masses. By establishing a consistent social media presence, cosmetologists are able to showcase a wide variety of styles and techniques. Well-used hashtags can make their work discoverable by new potential clients and agencies.

#2. Connect with existing clients

Like doctors, cosmetologists provide a service that makes people come back and refer their friends. Most successful beauty professionals are booked solid far in advance because they’ve helped establish a loyal client base. Social media can help reinforce that bond by helping beauty professionals connect with their clients. Striking up a conversation online can also make them more approachable and friendly. Doing so can help extend the reach of your talents and make you easy to access and contact for services.

#3. Share tutorials

Many successful cosmetologists feature their work in a more helpful way by creating video tutorials for YouTube. This can help you demonstrate your creative process and help you establish a fan base and attain greater reach. If you’re worried about giving away too many of your secrets, remember that no one will be able to learn and recreate the skills and techniques it took you years to perfect. But it will encourage viewers to share with friends and think of you when they are looking for a similar service.

#4. Make yourself stand out

A good way for cosmetologists to use social media is to showcase unique work or interesting events. For instance, if they happen to be doing make-up for a fashion show or hair for a wedding. These kinds of sneak peeks into the scope of your work as a cosmetologist can help cement you as an established professional in your area. It also allows you to give people a glimpse into the work and detail that goes into a major cosmetology production for any occasion. One or two unique behind the scenes glimpses at a major event can gain you hundreds of followers.

#5. Get creative with promotions

Social media can be very profitable for businesses or service-providers by allowing them to entice fans and followers using social media promotions. If someone has been following your work and seen your tutorials and examples of your talents and they are given the opportunity to get a discount on a haircut or beauty treatment, they will likely take it! Contests and promotions can also engage your social media followers to be more active on your page.

Remember, a cosmetologist’s biggest asset is word of mouth. Clients influence other clients and can help your business snowball into a massive success. Social media is a great avenue to help you help that word of mouth spread in an efficient and fun way.

Good luck to all our cosmetologists!

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