A Bright Future Ahead for Cosmetology Graduates

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A Bright Future Ahead for Cosmetology Graduates


One thing that never goes out of fashion is beauty. And, as it turns out, not only does it never go out of fashion but the desire to be more stylish has actually increased over that last few years. This increased desire has resulted in a 20% rise in the demand for cosmetology services. This is great news for cosmetology graduates who are now looking at an even brighter future in a profession that is bubbling with opportunity.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the cosmetology profession is projected to see a 14% growth between 2010 and 2020. The industry is currently growing at such a rapid rate that unemployment within the industry is at a zero, meaning that the industry is needing more professionals than it can supply. Cosmetology graduates can also celebrate that their industry is not only growing but that it is stable in spite of slumping economic trends. This is in contrast to many other industries that have been highly affected by the state of economy.

You may be wondering what is causing this increase in demand for beauty services. The demand is being attributed to both an overall increasing population and to members of the baby boomer age group who are maintaining stylish looks similar to the youth rather than sporting more traditional styles associated with that age range. Also, men are increasingly seeking out services like pedicures and eyebrow waxing that have traditionally been more popular among women. Larger amounts of clients demanding services have prompted the opening of more salons and full service spas. More salons and spas equals more job opportunities for cosmetologists. More opportunities become available as well as experienced cosmetologists retire or others just leave the field entirely.

Cosmetology Graduates Join a Growing Profession

To become part of this fast growing field, there are various programs available at beauty schools across the country, including Universal Career School in Miami, Florida. These programs can equip you with the tools and skills needed to become a trained and licensed cosmetologist. Not only will they train you in cosmetology theory but they will also give you the opportunity to perfect your skills before going out into the field by connecting you with internships in reputable salons.

Aspiring cosmetologist should consider taking extra courses on specialized topics such as hair dyeing, hair straightening , and more complex hair treatments. Cosmetologists who specialize in these are expected to be in even greater demand. Mastering such specialities makes you more marketable when applying to jobs since most salons prefer cosmetologists who can provide the full array of services that their customer base desires.

Becoming a cosmetologist will require time, work, and an initial monetary investment; however, the effort is truly worth it being that the payoff is becoming part of a fast growing field. Cosmetology is a field whose demand is on the rise, offering job security over time. Also, it offers tons of employment opportunities and good salaries. Job placement is always available and, according to National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology, Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), the average income is $30,000 to $50,000 per year. All this should excite anyone newly embarking on the journey to become a cosmetologist. The future is truly bright for cosmetology graduates.

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