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Experience The Best Miami Beauty School

UCS has many Beauty School Programs

Beauty SchoolThere are various colleges in the Florida offering various courses ranging from technical to applied, depending on one’s preference. The 21st century has witnessed the emergence of other unique colleges offering unique courses. An example is beauty schools, offering beauty courses. A beauty school or college can be termed as an institution that offers beauty related courses. For instance, UCS as a beauty school offers the following beauty courses: Cosmetology, Skin care, Barber, Nail technology and Full specialist.


This program is aimed at equipping a student with knowledge on hair, which includes; styling, coloring, cutting, waving among others. This is a very interesting course given that anybody becomes a potential client since everybody has hair, which can be treated and beautified. This program has various units that equip the learner with vast knowledge on the same field. Just to mention but a few, some important units under cosmetology include the following; Basic chemistry, Draping, Scalp Treatments, Hair Cutting, Hair Design among others.

Skin Care

This is also an interesting program under beauty courses. It aims at making a student a professional in general human skin care, which involves human anatomy, cells, tissues and organs making up the skin, Chemistry of Aestheticism, Bacteriology, Sanitation among others.


Talk of a barber and what come into someone’s mind is shaving your hair. Notwithstanding, barbering entails many more services alongside mere shaving. This program equips a student with knowledge on sanitation, hair shaping, shampooing, hair coloring and relaxing, shaving, and facial among others. This program, just like other beauty courses offered by UCS, has a number of units that makes it a full beauty school program.

Nail Technology

This is one of the programs that are offered in bilingual mode, English and Spanish. It involves knowledge and skills on beautification of feet and hands through shaping of the nails, conditioning of the cuticles, application of polish on nails, and general massage of feet and hands.

Full Specialist

Beauty SchoolFull specialist as a program covers nearly all other programs under beauty courses. It can therefore be termed as composite program. Any student who takes this program will finally have knowledge on skin beautification, facial massage, and application of creams, manicure and pedicure among others. These are all reasons that you should enroll in UCS and experience the best that Miami has to offer in terms of aesthetic care.

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