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An interesting fact about the multimillion dollar beauty industry that thrives today all over the world is that it has been around since the time civilizations started. Ancient Indians, Incas, Egyptians and Greeks used to employ a variety if natural ways to beautify themselves and people were just as obsessed with their looks then as they are now. There are rapid advancements happening in the beauty world on a daily basis and thus the rich beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Looking one’s best is a natural instinct for humans and it is never going to end and hence the beauty industry is a financially secure one for those who wish to make a good, progressive career. To make a dazzling career, one also needs to have the right qualifications and training and this can be found at the premium Miami beauty school, Universal Career School (UCS). Established in 2000 and having 15 years of successful operation, this beauty academy is known for producing professional alumni who have gone on to make stable, happy careers in the beauty industry. Universal Career School (UCS) is 100% owned by Universal Beauty School, Inc., a Florida Corporation registered with the Department of State, Division of Corporations and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Tallahassee, Florida, engaging in Post-Secondary Vocational Education.

A Miami Beauty School You’ll Be Proud To Attend

The Universal Career School (UCS) is known statewide for providing quality Post-Secondary Vocational Education in the fields of Cosmetology, Barber, Full Specialist, Skin Care and Nail Technology. A Nursing school offering programs in Registered Nurse, , Patient Care Technician and were added on later to the variety of courses offered by this renowned beauty academy. A number of young people in the country are confused about which way to go as far as career is concerned and making a career in the field of beauty from a well-known University as this can help them find their true calling. The beauty school and nursing school instructors are all highly qualified, well trained and widely experienced enough to prepare their students for an exciting future in their chosen profession. Universal Career School (UCS) offers personalized hands on practical training apart from detailed theoretical knowledge about the various courses. The classes are all small size which facilitate quick learning and enable instructors to provide individual attention to students.

The Recognition and Laurels of This Miami Beauty School

As far as national level recognition is concerned, the university has gained immense appreciation from various quarters, for example, Universal Career School (UCS) was awarded School Of The Year (2011-2012) by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC). Interested applicants can apply online, through the website of the academy or fix an appointment to visit the 10,000 feet area campus and see the various departments for themselves. They can even meet the beauty and nursing school staff and instructors as well as understand the training required by beauty school programs like Cosmetology, Full Specialist and , in a hands on manner.