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July 29, 2014
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Beauty School Quarterly News

Beauty School News: November Graduation Ceremony Info

Student’s Appreciation Day was held on May 7, 2014 students, faculty and administration celebrated with Cheese Burgers. We want to thank all of those that participated. Students don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ucsedu we also want to thank you all for supporting us on Facebook and don’t forget to refer us to your friends and family.

Our 5th official graduation ceremony will be held on November 2014, at the Double-Tree Hotel near to the Airport. Students, remember if you still owe the registration fee please make sure that you pass by Administration to pay the remainder of it.

DID YOU KNOW that cosmetology its one of the few careers in which you please nearly every client? It’s also one of the few careers in which a person actually gets paid for staying up to date on fashion trends. A fashionista’s dream job!

We hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.

Institutional Scholarship received by Vivian Idaldo

Universal Career School granted two (1) institutional scholarships Vivian Idalgo, a Cosmetology student. Congratulations to Vivian for her great work and effort. Our school grants institutional scholarships to people in need that desire to forge a better future and who are willing to study hard, graduate, obtain licensure and become a productive member of our society.

If you know of somebody who could benefit from this program, refer him/her to our administrative offices to complete an application or Apply Online (Scholarships are available only for the Cosmetology and Barber Programs).

Cosmetology Program News

We want to thank our cosmetology students for being so confident and artistic. We especially want to thank Mrs. Elvira Barcelo, Mr. Louis Gouraige, and Mrs. Ana Cabrera for teaching our students different facets about the beauty industry and the art and science of hair.

Barber Program News

Our barber instructor Mrs. Ida Perez is always incorporating lots of activities that are fun into our classroom, but always teaching with a purpose. Thank you Mrs. Ida Perez for transforming our students into professional barbers that posses the confidence, passion and desire to excel, and the ethics needed to succeed.

Full Specialist Program News

Double the fun in our Full Specialist Program, where students are learning what is taught in both Nail technology and Skin care programs. Our Full Specialist students are becoming potential salon and spa employees. Thank you Mrs. Ester Porro and Mrs. Beatriz Hernandez.

Nail Technology Program News

Our Nail Technology students become more creative by the day, keep up the good work just as you have done so far. We want to thank our instructor Mrs. Beisy Muñoz for making sure every day the students learn different techniques for nail art design.

Our Financial Aid Offices Will Help You

The Financial Aid Department makes sure that every student is properly funded. This is possible by advising current or prospective students on specific loan options and scholarships. The financial officer is required to work with the Admissions Office in order to have a full understanding of the financial resource particular to the school.

Career Service Department News

The Career Service Department ensures that graduates have employment interviews, and that a percent of graduates acquire employment in their field of study. The department holds a monthly workshop to teach students how to write a resume and how to act during a job interview.

Academic Department News

The Academic Department works as a liaison with the Career Service Department, the academic registry’s main role is to act as the definitive records keeper about students on behalf of the school. Its work underpins a student’s academic experience from application through graduation. Including assessments, complaints, discipline, transcript production, seminars and the different student activities such as, competitions within their field of study.

Admissions Department News

Our Admissions Department is proud to announce that UCS is offering institutional scholarships to prospective students in dire need. If you know of someone who wants to achieve success, is disciplined, has a high school diploma or a GED equivalency and has the desire and the willingness to study and complete either the Cosmetology or Barber program, please direct them to our admission’s office to fill out an application and obtain more information.

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