Join our Beauty Courses

While there are numerous jobs out there for people who love beauty, there is nothing more rewarding than starting a career as a beauty artist since through it you are able to beautify the appearance of other people. However, it can be quite hard to get a job as a professional in this field of work without a degree, and this is an important reason why you need to start taking beauty courses from an accredited school.

The beauty courses provided by the Universal Career School are specifically designed to help you achieve a professional degree in beauty, so after you graduate from our school you will be able to get a great job and earn a good income.

Our Beauty Programs Will Offer Varied Beauty Training

Universal Career School offers beauty courses that allow you to become a barber, full specialist, cosmetology, instructor training, nail technology as well as skin care specialist. The most interesting thing about the beauty courses given at Universal Career School is that alongside the theoretical side, you will also be able to apply the new knowledge from the beauty courses in practical sessions at the salon. You can specialize in your desired field or engage in multiple beauty courses in order to get the most knowledge and accreditations that you’ll need.

Universal Career School is an important beauty school in South Florida that offers beauty courses which target both excellence in classroom and high quality results. All beauty courses bring flexible class schedules that are very important if you already have a current job and want to take beauty courses in your spare time.

Only at Universal Career School will you be able to engage in a variety of disciplines, each one with its own set of rules and practices that you’ll learn in order to become a true beauty industry professional. The school also brings a wide range of career as well as student services, not to mention the fact that they provide a great financial aid system for those students who qualify.

Beauty Courses That Will Lead to Your Success

Besides the beauty courses, you can even learn how to become an instructor and teach such courses yourself. Being a beauty instructor is a very interesting job, as you get to teach other people the ins and outs of becoming a professional beauty artist.

Universal Career School always tries to seamlessly combine lectures with hands on experience at the salon to help you learn faster and become a beauty professional. The teaching methods you will encounter in our beauty courses are of excellent reputation among the many beauty courses in Miami, so only at Universal Career School you will be able to get the professional training you need in order to become a true beautician. If you have even the slightest interest in pursuing a beauty career then don’t hesitate and come to Universal Career School today to register for our amazing beauty courses.