The idea of beauty has caused varied and extensive debates over many centuries. Beauty is studied in many scientific fields such as sociology, psychology, and culture. However, for the purpose of our beauty school and the way we deal with and perceive beauty, we decided to remain bound by the confines of our industry and the work of beauticians when addressing the notion of beauty.

A small survey was sent around campus and many students and instructors were able to participate. When it was done, we read and filtered out many answers until we came to the conclusion that most of our beauticians feel that beauty is found in a work well done.

To work in the beauty industry you need to have passion for what you do. For those of you who have finally graduated and are out there looking for jobs, here are a few tips that will help you along the way. First, you need to be persistent. When writing your resume remember to incorporate skills from all aspects of your life because companies are usually interested in learning how you think and what motivates you.

Working in the Beauty Industry

The are many places you can search for jobs and here are the most popular:
Working at a beauty salon can give you lots of flexibility. Many graduates either start working at a salon as either an employee or as an independent contractor. While working at a salon you are able to socialize with clients which makes work fun and the times passes by easier.
This line of work is very much like working at a salon. However, the clientele can be very different. The clients you will have at a hotel’s salon will be guests who are there on vacation or on business. This gives you an opportunity to engage with people from many different places in the world.
Salon Owner
It is very common for beauticians who have experienced working at a salon or a Hotel spa to want to open their own salon after a while. Being a salon owner will give you the opportunity to do things your way and offer the services you want to your clients. This can be a very liberating experience.
Mobile Stylist
If the confines of a salon are not something you enjoy, then being a mobile stylist might be exactly what you need. Mobile stylist offer their services on-site. They usually get hired to style at weddings. However, wherever there is a big event, mobile stylist are usually called to beautify the scene.
Television Stylist
These are the behind the scenes heroes which make the artists we love look amazing. If you get to be the stylist in a movie you will be surrounded by actors and actresses and will get to style them according to the demands of the scene. Don’t forget that working for the television industry can also be very demanding, but it is also fun.
Theater Stylist
This work is similar to that of a television stylist. The work you’ll do will often times be more theatrical and the makeup will need to withstand the strong stage lighting.
Fashion Industry Stylist
As if meeting actors wasn’t enough fun, as a fashion industry stylist you will have the opportunity to make models beautiful. Hair and makeup are also a big part of the fashion industry and when those models step into the catwalk, they will be showing off your handy work.