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Student Conduct

Students are expected to maintain proper conduct and a professional work attitude at all times. A student who violates the School’s rules and regulations will be given a warning on the first offense. If a second offense occurs, the student will be advised and put on a 30 days probation period.
Subsequent violations will subject the student to suspension or dismissal. The school’s Director or Administrator reserves the right to dismiss any student whose personal conduct is deemed unsatisfactory.


Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to report on time. Any student reporting to school 15 minutes late is required to obtain School official’s permission before going to class. This permission will be granted only to students who show a valid reason for the tardiness.
Students are permitted to make up hours by attending other class sessions without charge before their scheduled graduation date.


Good attendance is expected of a student just as an employer expects it of an employee. Every effort should be made to maintain good attendance. Absences due to medical reasons or for circumstances beyond the students control will be excused through the School’s office. All other absences will be considered unjustified and could result in suspension or possible dismissal of the student. Attendance is reviewed on a monthly basis. For any student expelled or dismissed, his/her records will be on file for at least one year.

Make-up Work

Students are to make arrangements with their instructors to make up all missed assignments. Instructor will determine the method as to how work is to be made up.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

A “Leave of Absence” is a special permission given to students to be absent for a determinate period. The institution will allow up to 180 calendar days per fiscal year for an excused leave of absence for medical reasons or for circumstances beyond their control. Students who fail to return from a Leave of Absence will be terminated from the program. Students are to report to the Registrar’s office to complete and sign the necessary LOA documentation. A return date must be determined and noted on LOA documentation.

Temporary Interruptions

Students on a Leave of Absence, Justified Absences or Temporary Withdrawal must be in compliance with Satisfactory Progress Requirements, otherwise, the student will be readmitted only on a probationary basis for one month.

Student Suspension

Any of the following may cause a student’s suspension or dismissal after review by a School official:

  • Unexcused/excessive absences.
  • Use of foul/obscene language.
  • Lewd behavior.
  • Sexual harassment
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Insubordination to Instructors.
  • Continued refusal to service a customer or lack of participation in class.
  • Leaving School without permission of the Instructor or office personnel.
  • Not abiding to School rules and regulations.

Students who do not maintain the minimum standards will be advised and placed on probation for a period of 30 days. During that period of time, students must improve their grades and/or attendance to the minimum standard or their enrollment will be terminated. The student will not be considered meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) while on probation.

Disciplinary Action or Dismissal

Any student bringing into the institution premises or property, having possession of, being under the influence of, possessing in the individual’s body blood, or urine in any detectable amount, or using, consuming, transferring, selling or attempting to sell or transfer any form of illegal drugs as defined here during scheduled class time or while on school business is guilty of misconduct and is subject to discipline including dismissal even for the first offense. Failure to submit to required medical or physical examination or tests is misconduct and is ground for dismissal and/or suspension from the school.

Non-Discrimination Policy