UCS has been offering
Post-Secondary Vocational Education
to South Florida students
for 21 years.

Our School started classes on December 1999 in the fields of Cosmetology, Barber, Full Specialist, Skin Care, and Nail Technology. Over the years the institution has grown to include an Allied Health school that offers programs such as Nursing, AS, Patient Care Technician and Home Health Aide.

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of Universal Career School is to provide quality education and skills in the student’s chosen field of education through a well planned curriculum and experienced instructors. Our institution’s main goal is to offer and provide quality education and skills to the career-minded individual producing an employable and responsible individual.

Excellence Starts in the Classroom
Our Beauty School and Nursing School emphasize in providing a structured and intimate learning environments. Our instructors are hired directly from the field they teach, giving them the opportunity to share with the students their life experiences and at the same time, helping the students connect with potential employers in the beauty industry and the nursing field.
Programs have flexible class schedules
We all know that sometimes it is very difficult to return to school, having to balance a job, family and many other commitments. That is why UCS offers flexible morning, afternoon, and evening classes, that allow you to attend school according to your life’s needs.
Variety of Disciplines
UCS offers Diplomas and Associate Degrees in areas that provide our students with skills highly valued by employers, as all our educational programs are designed to respond quickly to the needs of our community, helping high school graduates or holders of a General Education Diploma enter the workforce in as little as three, six, nine, twelve or 16 months.
Student Services
Our Student Service department is readily available to assist students with resources such as public transportation information, board examination information, school resources, etc.
Career services
Our Career Services Department assists students with resume writing, job interview skills and job search services, to help our students secure rewarding careers. UCS does not guarantee employment to prospective or graduate students.
Financial AID
Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Students have several options regarding financial aid, and our Financial Aid Department is ready to help each student make the best decision. The first question a prospective student should ask is: “How will I pay for my career?” And the answer should be: with the right combination of financial aid programs such as Pell Grant, Student’s Loans, outside Scholarships and our own institutional scholarship. These are just some of the financial options available which can help students achieve their educational dreams.

Facilities and Equipment

Universal Career School is located at 10720 West Flagler Street Suite 21, Sweetwater, Florida 33174, the institution occupies approximately 10,000 square feet of training area, with modern facilities designed to afford maximum support to the teaching and learning environment. The school has executive offices, 10 theory rooms, three clinical rooms (beauty disciplines) consisting of workstations, sterilizers, dispensary for supplies and chemicals, shampoo bowls, manicuring tables, dryers for practical applications and demonstrations, two clinical lab for the Allied Health programs, one computer lab, two Information Resource Center consisting of various types of audio and visual training aids including TV and VCR/DVD recorder/player, eighteen computers, two printers, charts, tablet armchairs, available to students and faculty, books and periodicals available for checkout. The supporting areas consist of two small lounge areas with various vending machines, along with two laundry rooms.