A Brief Glimpse of Career Opportunities as a Patient Care Technician

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A Brief Glimpse of Career Opportunities as a Patient Care Technician

patient care technician

When it comes to choosing a career in the healthcare industry, nothing can be as rewarding and exciting as a patient care technician. It is a great way to care for patients and even develop a close relationship with them. However, as rewarding as the job might sound, it is not devoid of challenges. But if you are really interested in pursuing a career in this field, you need to know more about the job duties and qualifications required.


A high school diploma or a General Education Development certificate is essential when you apply for a patient care technician certification program. However, before you take the exams, you can enroll in patient care technician programs in vocational schools and community colleges. This will help you to prepare for the exam. Technicians are listed in the state registry when they pass the NCPCT exam.

Patient care technicians work under the administration of doctors, medical professionals and nurses. As a patient care technician you tend to spend a lot of time with your patients and it is important to be attentive, empathetic and responsive to the needs of your patients.

What Does the Job of A Patient Care Technician Involve?

A patient care expert works in hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities under the supervision of registered doctors and nurses. As a technician your job involves tending to your patients such as assisting them with their hygiene and bath requirements, serving meals, taking and recording vital signs, re-positioning them in bed and so forth.

Is the Job Rewarding?

No doubt, the career of a patient care technician is a rewarding one. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, patient care worker jobs are expected to grow by 20% in the next 2 years. One of the main reasons for this is the ever increasing number of patients in long term care facilities, old age homes and hospitals. As a technician you can also further your career by enrolling in a nursing school to become a certified and registered nurse.


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