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5 Things all nurses should know

nurses in nursing program at UCS in Miami

As you might probably know, becoming a certified nurse is not easy. Most time you may have to work all day on your feet with hours of stressful work and a less deserving appreciation you may be expecting at the end of the day. However, what makes it worth it is the feeling of having a positive impact on someone’s health. Knowing you save people live will brighten your mood each day as you work. It is very important to know what you are getting into for better preparation. This is because having a career in nursing will change your life. Here are some the things you need to know before you register in nursing school.

Good nurses are good listeners

Nurses are usually the one that takes care of patient’s medications and treatment plans, so it is essential to be a good listener and have a retentive memory. The doctor you will be working with will be expecting you to know all about your patients and give answers about their sickness when ask. You always have new things to learn each day. Being a nurse, it is essential to listen to your patients and pay a close attention to them, that way you will know the best way to help them get better in time. You are also going to be interacting with machines used at the hospital, so technical knowledge is a must to learn as well.

You need to have passion for the job

Being a nurse is physically demanding, what will keep you going is your passion for becoming a nurse in the first place. Being a licensed nurse demands you to be caring and compassionate toward your patients no matter their condition. It is not all about the money, but the professionalism of the job. Being a nurse is not just about the medical care, you are your patient housekeeper, advocate, waitress, and comforter. Only being passionate about your job will give you the drive to move on.

Nursing school is not easy

You probably must have heard that nursing school is tough but with the right preparation you will make it through. It is the stepping stone to become a nurse, so you have to cope with the long hours and challenges you may face in nursing school to become a licensed nurse. The kinds of job you will be facing as a nurse are tough ones, it is only important they prepare you adequately for the task ahead. Be prepared for the challenges of nursing school and you may find it easier than you think.

Mistakes do happen

You will probably learn a lot in nursing school but you will never be fully prepared to some of the unexpected situation you will meet in real-life nursing. Mistakes do happen in the event of an unexpected situation and worse is that such mistake could endanger your patient. In the line of such incident, it is crucial to seek help from a more experienced colleague and save your patient life. More importantly, you have to learn from your mistake and ensure never to repeat them.

It is stressful

The work nurses do is way more than you may see on paper. It is physically demanding as you will be spending long hours standing or walking, lifting patients, changing patients and sometimes doing some errands for them. These are some of the things you will be going through as a nurse, it better you prepare your body mechanism for it. It sounds overwhelming, but one thing all nurses say about their work is that it is completely worth it.

Do you have the dream of becoming a licensed nurse? At UCS, we can help make your dream a reality. Register with us and you are one step away from becoming a professional nurse.  to learn more about our nursing program.


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